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Application for Registered Nurse by Examination

Follow the instructions here: to apply


Licensure Application Fee: None

Fingerprint Processing Fee: $39.15


  • Applications for the state of Tennessee are submitted through the nursing schools.
  • Fingerprints and a federal criminal background checks are required.

The Fingerprinting Process

Applicants must use the state's selected vendor, IdentoGO by MorphoTrust. 

Go to www.identogo.com to register and schedule your fingerprinting.

As you complete the online registration form, you will be prompted to enter your OCA number of code. An OCA (Originating Agency Case) number is a tracking number that
identifies the agency requesting the background check.

The OCA number for applicants seeking licensure as RNs in Tennessee is 1703
The OCA number for applicants seeking licensure as LPNs in Tennessee is 1704

DO NOT MISS or be late for your fingerprinting appointment
You will receive a signed receipt at the end of your fingerprinting session. Keep this for your records.

About Temporary Permits

The Tennessee Board of Nursing issues temporary permits only to nurses who are seeking licensure by endorsement.

Need More Information?

Access the site for the Tennessee Board of Nursing here: Tennessee Board of Nursing