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** This is an overview of the process. For more details see our page on NCLEX & Licensing in Ohio

How to register for the NCLEX in Ohio

Columbus, Dayton, Cleveland, Parma, Cincinnati, Youngstown, Toledo, Canton, Akron, Lorain and more...

1) Register with the Ohio Board of Nursing:

Ohio Board of Nursing

Contact: Betsy J. Houchen, JD, MS, RN, Executive Director

17 South High Street, Suite 400
Columbus, OH 43215

Phone: 614.466.6940
Fax: 614.466.0388
Website: www.nursing.ohio.gov

2) Register to take the NCLEX test with Pearson Vue. Registration can be done by telephone, on the web, or by snail mail.

3) Pearson Vue will send you a confirmation of registration.

4) The Ohio Nursing Board that you applied to will send you confirmation of your eligibility to take the test (this must be done within 365 days from your original registration)

5) Pearson Vue will send you an Authorization To Test (ATT). The exam must be taken in appx. ninety days, depending on the state.

6) Once you get an ATT, you schedule your exam. You can find a testing center near you, plus a convenient time by visiting Pearson Vue. You schedule your exam either by phone or on the web.

7) Pearson Vue will then send you a confirmation that your NCLEX test has been scheduled.