10 NCLEX Tips to Boost Your Exam Performance

You know how important the NCLEX is, that’s why you’re here. Whether you’ve just begun to prepare for the big day or you’re several practice tests in, our goal is to help you make the most out of your study sessions.

Remember, no one ever said they didn’t pass a test because they practiced too much. And the NCLEX is not something you prepare for a few days before you take it. You’ll need an arsenal of tips like the ones that follow to help you best prepare, AND pass, the NCLEX with ease.    Continue reading

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Prioritize in the New Year!

I spent a little time enjoying the holidays, visiting family, and resting.  I hope you got a bit of a study break as well as they say, “all work and no play…makes us dull”.  Caregiver role strain is going to be an issue no matter what type of nursing job you take on and I am sure you just got through a stressful time at school.  Nurses are caregivers – to our patients, our families, and our friends.

Some signs of “caregiver role strain” are when you seem more tired than usual, less interested in hobbies or fun, and seem to lose that spark that you typically have.   Essentially every symptom of mild depression.  Taking care of others takes a lot of energy.  Here are a couple of tips to keep you going and accomplish all those New Year’s Resolutions!

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A Study Break for Resume Writing and Professionalism

Not only are you trying to probably balance finally getting some sleep after grueling months of school – but many of you might be also working, looking for a new nursing job, and interviewing for one.  I know this can be a stressful time trying to keep family, life, jobs, studying, and the job search ball all up in the air but keep at it.  It will be well worth it once you finally are a nurse and achieve what you have worked so hard for.  Just a little bit longer and you will finally be there!

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Merry Cold and Flu Season! – Vaccinations on the NCLEX

Sorry if I have been a little quiet lately.  If you have a child under the age of 6 – as soon as the weather gets cold, you are certain to get sick.  They are a walking, playing petri dish. Over the last two weeks we have had both the flu and strep throat.  I have graduated onto the type of tissues with lotion in them because my nose is so raw.  When I do show my face at work, I slap a funny kid sticker on the outside of a white mask so I don’t spread my germs anywhere and don’t scare off the patients!

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7 Must-Know Tips for Dosage Calculation

We all cringe when we see medication calculations on the NCLEX or even in real life.  Not only are nurses asked to do complex dose calculations – we often are doing them in real life under extreme time pressure or professional stress.  These are not optimum conditions for complex math.  Here are some hints to keep your calculations straight.

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