10 NCLEX Tips to Boost Your Exam Performance

You know how important the NCLEX is, that’s why you’re here. Whether you’ve just begun to prepare for the big day or you’re several practice tests in, our goal is to help you make the most out of your study sessions. Remember, no one ever said they didn’t pass a test because they practiced too […]

The Pharmacology Guide You’ve Been Waiting For!

This guide has three sections to help you be successful on NCLEX pharmacology.  Each section can assist you by itself, but together they can be an even more powerful tool to improve your grasp of common pharmacological concepts and drugs.  With them, you can synthesize knowledge in a way that can increase recognition and knowledge […]

Brain Foods That Can Help You Study for the NCLEX

Preparing for a long and difficult exam is often considered to be very similar to training for a marathon– endurance, stamina and preparation are critical to a successful outcome. Like the body, the brain needs to be provided with the right vitamins and nutrients to maximize the results of “training.” The NCLEX is a test […]

Our 2013 Report on Top 10 Nurse Salaries

Who says you need to have a dual income? If you’re a Registered Nurse in certain states, you may be able to do with one salary. We at EasyNCLEX.com plowed through all the data to find you the best places. The study was conducted on the salaries of two types of nurses: Registered Nurses (RN) […]

Songs That Will Help You Study For The NCLEX

Hours upon hours of studying can often become mind-numbingly monotonous, especially when the words start to run together. In addition, staying focused while studying can be extremely difficult when you’re distracted by the whispered conversations of your library neighbors. While studying for an important test, like the NCLEX, every little extra boost counts. For some, […]