The NCLEX and Moving Between States – An Easy Guide

The NCLEX and Moving Between States – An Easy Guide

Congratulations!  You are nearing or are done with nursing school and many people take that opportunity to seek out a new home in a different state than they went to school in for a variety of reasons.   But this can bring up some obvious questions such as …
If I took the NCLEX here and move there, do I need to retake it?
Is my nursing license still valid? If not, what do I need to do?
If my primary residence is here, can I take the NCLEX in the new state I am planning on moving to?

NCLEX is National

So let me put your mind at ease a little – the NCLEX is a national exam and is valid in any state you want to practice in.  It does not vary from state to state.  RNs in Georgia take the same NCLEX as RNs in Nevada for example.  However, there are a couple of hoops you need to jump through in order to get initial licensure and move.

License is by State

Essentially, although RNs and PNs take a national NCLEX exam – they do not have a national license.  They have to get a state license in any state they wish to practice in by applying to each board individually.  It is pretty straightforward once you have your initial license, but it can get confusing because each state does it a little differently.

This allows each state to regulate their RNs and PNs as well as you must abide by a state nursing practice act of the state you practice in.  The scope can be slightly different and you must take the responsibility to read up on your practice act and know it for yourself.  NCSBN has a good website with all the nursing boards contact information on it –

Figure Out If You are Eligible for that State

Deep breath…let’s go.  So first things first – after you graduate, in order to sit for the NCLEX you have to get an initial license.  You can get this in the state you are going to move to (if the board of that state allows it) or the state that you went to your nursing school in.  If you are in college, you might be a permanent resident of another state that you want a license in – residency doesn’t matter where you take the NCLEX or where you get licensed.  But you MUST read the board’s requirements and see what they are.  Each state is unique and has different guidelines and requirements.  It is obviously outside the scope of this blog to review each state but if you have a specific question, you may email me.

It may be quicker to sit for the examination in the state that you went to school and receive a license by examination in that state.  Then you can apply for a license by endorsement in the state you want to move to – but then you would have to pay for two licenses.

Go to the state’s nursing board website and look for the “Nurse by Examination Requirements”.  The first time you get a license it is “By Examination”.  When you have a license and you want to apply for a license in another state then it is “By Endorsement”.  If you look at the Florida Board of Nursing website their requirement detail that you can attend a Florida eligible nursing school, a military school, an international school, or another state’s nursing school if they have an NCLEX code by NCSBN and qualify to be licensed by examination in Florida.


When you apply to a board of nursing look at their requirements carefully.  If you are applying to a state that is not the same state that your nursing school is in, you often must submit an affidavit of graduation.  Make sure you keep copies of EVERYTHING and mail it certified to them.  If you are moving – make sure you put a stable address on your application where you can receive the mail they send back.  It can take varying amounts of time for your board to review your application – so submit it well in advance of your target test date.

Once a board deems you eligible to test then they give you a testing window – most are about 90 days that you have to take the test by after receiving the letter (so read the fine print and don’t take forever!).  Each board’s testing window is a different duration.

It doesn’t matter where you physically take the NCLEX.

The NCLEX is an international exam and you may take it at any qualified testing center.  If you want to be licensed in Arizona, you do not have to take the NCLEX in Arizona.  You could take the NCLEX in Boston and the score would be communicated to the Arizona board of nursing if that is the board you applied to.  Make sure you search for test centers around where you want to take the test.  A busy metro area might not have the test date you want – but if you are willing to drive to the next town, they might have a good opening for you.

What if I wasn’t eligible to license by examination in the state I want to work in? or What if I need a license in a different state now?

Okay, so maybe plans changed and you need a license in a different state now.  This is called “licensure by endorsement”.

To start this process, you have to do two things – apply to the new state’s board of nursing through their licensure by endorsement process.  And typically you have to pay to have your license verified by Nursys.

Nursys is a national online database that verifies licenses for employers, the public, and nursing boards.  It’s a little tricky, most states participate in Nursys but not all, so check on their website at On Nursys it is free to send verification of your license to one or multiple states.

If your state’s nursing board doesn’t participate in Nursys then often you have to get them to fill out an affidavit and mail it to the state’s nursing board you are applying to and there may be a small fee.

Whether or not the state has Nursys does not affect where you take the NCLEX.  It doesn’t matter if you move from a non-Nursys to a Nursys or a Nursys state to another Nursys state or a Nursys state to a non-Nursys state.  Your NCLEX result is valid in every state of the nation.  Moving in these instances just changes how your license is verified and the steps you have to take.  It takes a little longer to verify a license from a non-Nursys state because you have to contact that state nursing board directly to send an endorsement to the new state you are applying to.

What is the Nurse Licensure Compact?

The other thing you should know about is the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC).  The NLC states that have agreed if a nurse has a license in one of the participating states, then they will honor it and it streamlines the process to work in another compact state.  For example, if you have a license in South Carolina and wanted to move to Colorado, then you could work in Colorado with your SC license for up to 30 days while your license got approved and issued by Colorado.  You still must apply for licensure in Colorado but the process is a little less strenuous than if you moved from a non-compact state.

It doesn’t matter if you are moving from NLC to non-NLC or non-NLC to NLC to take the NCLEX.  The NCLEX is valid in every state.  What changes is the endorsement process and how long it takes to get issued a license in the new state.  Here is a good map of the NLC

Can I have various active licenses in different states?

Yes.  You can have 50 state nursing licenses if you wanted to. It would be a lot of paperwork!  But essentially, you also have to keep up with fees and continuing education for any state.  A lot of people keep active licenses in at least 2 states.  This allows you to travel nurse in another state or some people keep it if they think there is a possibility they might need to move.  For example, a friend of mine has elderly parents in Florida but she lives in Texas.  She has kept a license in Florida in case she needs to quickly relocate to help her parents.  This would allow her the option of getting a quick temporary nurse position there and relocating easily.  Some people that live in a town on a state line get two licenses so they have more job options.  Lake Tahoe is a good example of a city that might have employers in two different states.

Under what scenario would I ever have to retake the NCLEX and do this again?

So typically for any state to renew a nursing license they require a certain number of practice hours.  These can typically be paid or voluntary.  If you don’t meet those practice hours required to be competent then to keep a nursing license you may have to retake the NCLEX to show you know enough to care for patients safely.

The other situation is if you let your license lapse and didn’t work for a couple of years as a nurse but then decided to go back to it, reinstate your license and start working again.  Depending on how long it is since you have had a license, that state might require you to take the NCLEX again.  Some states also have an option where you can take a refresher course instead of retaking the NCLEX – it just depends on the state.  For example, in South Carolina, if it has been over 5 years since you have held a nursing license you can take a refresher course or the NCLEX.  If it has been less than 5 years then you can show that you have had 30 hours of continuing education, maintained a certification, got another nursing degree, or completed a refresher course.

What else?

Always check the board of nursing for the state you want to move to.  There can be unique rules and qualifications.  Sometimes states require specific continuing education (CE) requirements that you have to take online (e.g. New York requires a sexual abuse course).  Most nursing schools include all these unique items in your curriculum for the state they are in.  My Florida nursing school included the hour of CE on HIV/AIDS for example one day in class and gave us certificates to submit for the Florida board of nursing.

Some states require other options to show you know their practice act.  In Texas, all nurses must take a separate state board called the “Texas nursing jurisprudence examination”.  This is an online exam that you can take from home that makes sure you have reviewed and are competent on the specific nursing practice act in Texas.

I hope this helps with your post-graduation plans!


Nurse Amy

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  1. Hi Nurse Amy,

    Still a bit confused. I just graduated in Indiana with my BSN. I plan to take a job in South Carolina. What do you recommend. Can you clarify for me please? I haven’t taken my NCLEX yet and am not sure where to take it.

  2. I am currently a (Pennsylvania) LPN with an active license in good standing for the past 10 yrs, I am looking into relocating to Virginia. I applied for a VA LPN license, do I have to take Nclex again to obtain a VA license?

  3. Hi Amy
    I am an RN from morocco and now i am living in florida state. I want to equivalate my associate degree in new york and then endorse it to florida is that possible? Cause florida state gives just 3 opportunities to pass the NCLEX and when failed you go back to school what do you think about that?

  4. Hi, My name is Keith and I graduated PN in Illinois, took the exam twice but missed it. Now I just got transfered to Houston, Texas because of family. Since I haven’t passed my NCLEX-PN in Illinois, can I transfer my credentials to Houston, Texas and take the NCLEX-VN exam instead of the nclex for Illinois licensed? And what to do? Can you help me pls? Thanks!

  5. Hi,
    I am foreign graduated Nurse from Nepal.I have completed my CGFNS-CES for TEXAS .Now i am planning to attend the NCLEX-RN exam for Texas Board Of Nursing.
    My concern is right now i am living in Maryland, but want to attend NCLEX-RN exam for Texas Board because i am going to move to TEXAS in a year.

    Can i complete all the application procedures and attend the NCLEX-RN for Texas Board with my primary address of Residence as Maryland ?If so Please guide me the proper way to complete the application process.

    I am stuck up in Nurse Compact Declaration state in Nurse Examination Application online form,confused which state to put in Nurse Compact Declaration.

  6. Hi, i am a bsn from Haiti; i passed my nclex rn on April 18 from New York board. I am doing my endorsement for Florida. Florida board ask me for proof of English which i already schedule to take next week,and credentials evaluation service (Ces). In order for me to took the nclex from New York i had to have my credentials verification service(cvs) done through CGFNS. My question is how long it will take CGFNS to do a Ces report for Florida? Since CGFNS already have my transcripts and school information do you think they will ask me for all those things again or they will use the same documents they used for New York board. Thanks for answering

  7. Hi I am LVN in California and planning to go for LVN to RN program, e-learning in Washington state, clinical hours in hospital setting, and after getting RN license in Washington State , planning to get License in California by endorsement . Is it possible or not.

    1. Hi Harry,
      Did anyone ever respond to you?
      I have been an LVN for 5 years and live near Redding where its extremely competitive and very limited to bridging lvn-rn and am looking for alternative ways.

  8. After a bit of internet searching I’m still lost and hoping somehow someone can lead me in the right direction.

    In Louisiana to get licensed you have to take the NCLEX within 4 years of graduation. It’s been longer than 4 years since I got my RN – BSN degree. What, if anything, can I do to be eligible to test and be licensed in Louisiana?


  10. Hi I’m a licensed nurse in Phil and I am now residing in Washington State.I have already started my credentials evaluated by CGFNS.Is there any chance I would be able to meet the requirements and take the NCLEX RN right away?or Can I take in Oregon and applied reciprocity after?

  11. My husband is in the Marine Corps and we currently own a house in North Carolina where he is stationed. I however, go to nursing school in Virginia. I get that both states are part of the compact licensure, however our legal state of residence is California where we are both from. As soon as I graduate we will be getting new orders to who knows where, so which state should I apply for? I heard that CA is a good state to have it in but am wondering if you have any insight. Thank you!

  12. Hi, My CGFNS CES report has just issued on January 10. I applied Illinois state board of nursing but have not completed application. I just sent application to state board. I have not applied to person Vue. Now I am moving to Texas so I changed my mind to apply from Texas board of nursing because I can get multistate license. My question is can I apply in Texas again because I already have applied Illinois though Illinois application has not completed. Does the Texas board accept same CES report? Or it asks to re-evaluate again.

  13. Hi, question. I live in illinois, I am graduating in April. Once I graduate, can I go to Wisconsin to take the nclex-rn and get licensed, to kill two birds with one stone or, as you said I can take the nclex-rn in illinois and file paperwork for my license in Wisconsin. I’m trying to understand, because illinois is a non compact state, but Wisconsin is a compact state. Can I only become licensed in Wisconsin and still be legible to use my license in illinois as well under Wisconsin compact? Or do I have to still pay for two licenses in Wisconsin and illinois.

    Hope this makes sense. Thank you so much

    1. HI Lj44! I am in the same situation you were, and I’m curious as to what you found out about this?? I graduate in September and plan to work here in Illinois for a few years but I know I want to reside in Wisconsin in the future.

  14. I am an international educated nurse – Europa. I would love to work in Alabama, but I also have to complete both CGFNS CP and CES. :-(. It might be a good idea to take my licence in other state and then endorse to there. But I am afraid it will be complicated because Alabama is not part of compact states and more expensive. I didnt pass TOEFL a few times, too.

    Unfortunatelly I dont have SSN either, which is required to complete the licence in Alabama. How can I get my SSN straight?

    I appreciate for your help.

  15. Hi. I am a BSN graduate in the Philippines but did not pass the exam there. I am currently living in AZ but plans to move in Florida. Do you know if I can take the NCLEX in either AZ or FL? By the way, it has been almost 10 years since I graduated and I don’t even know how and where to start. If anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it.

  16. Hello. My name is Jenae and I’m attending nursing school in Illinois. I’m very confused about the entire process of getting a license and what it all means. But my most important question right now is, are there states that all take the same license as Illinois? I’ve heard this to be true, but was unsure. I’m not sure where I’ll want to move after graduation, but I’m especially thinking about Tennessee. Please let me know if this is a myth or if there really are states attached to Illinois in this way. Thank you in advance!!!! Confused college girl over here!!

  17. Hello, I would like to ask if it is possible to retake a passed NCLEX RN test?
    I passed the NCLEX RN under state of Oregon in March 2017. Unfortunately, my application for licensure expired (graduated 3 years ago in the Philippines) before OSBN received the rsults from Pearson Vue. Now, I am seeking licensure in Hawaii and got the notice of approval to sit for NCLEX RN. I did not know there will be a problem until I tried to register for a test at Pearson. They said that passing the test was the main issue why I couldn’t register and set a test date now. I tried transferring my NCLEX results from Oregon to Hawaii but HI did not ackowledge the results. Frustated and hopeless for months. Thank you so much!

    1. hi. what happened to your case? i am planning to retake also. i passed the nclex under virginia state but they wont release even the results. they want me do to the cbc in Usa only. i am from the philippines.

  18. Hello, I would like to ask if it is possible to retake a passed NCLEX RN test?
    I passed the NCLEX RN under state of Oregon in March 2017. Unfortunately, my application for licensure expired (graduated 3 years ago in the Philippines) before OSBN received the rsults from Pearson Vue. Now, I am seeking licensure in Hawaii and got the notice of approval to sit for NCLEX RN. I did not know there will be a problem until I tried to register for a test at Pearson. They said that passing the test was the main issue why I couldn’t register and set a test date now. I tried transferring my NCLEX results from Oregon to Hawaii but HI did not ackowledge the results. Now, I’m frustrated and hopeless. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you so much.

  19. I will be graduating in Oklahoma as an lpn. I know I will be moving to Texas shortly after graduation because that is where my significant other is attending medical school. My question is if I should take nclex in ok or tx? I feel overwhelmed by trying to look up all the information by myself, can you help me figure out what would be best to do?

  20. If I am an ASN graduate from Puerto Rico (ACEN accredited school) and would like to move back to California to take the NCLEX, will I have any issues applying to California or will I have to move to a different state first to practice for a few years before endorsing to California?

  21. Hi i am fr the Philippines. I passed the NCLEX in California…but i got my initial RN license in expired around 5 years ago.. and i am now in NY. I want to work in NY… can you help me go thru the step by step process on what to do??

  22. I am a resident of Louisiana and I am currently in nursing school here. I would like to relocate and begin working in NYS asap after graduation, but I am not sure how long it would take to get a job there since I am living here right now. I want to also have a license for Louisiana because it is my home state. I am wondering if it would be better for me to get my license by examination in Louisiana and get endorsed for NY or get it in NY (so I can apply for jobs there early) and then get endorsed for Louisiana. I want to get a job in NY right away, but I also do not want to be in Louisiana with a NY license, no job offers in NY, and not be able to work here while waiting. Do you know how difficult it is to get a job in a state that you are not currently residing in, but plan to relocate to? I am wondering which combination will allow me to be licensed in both states and working (preferably in NY) in the shortest amount of time.

    Thanks so much!!

  23. Wonderful! So simple. Thanks for the info, super helpful. I just filled out CA LIC 215 with an online software. It looked much better typed than hand-written. I used and it’s very easy to use.

  24. Hi m Sujana I live in Colorado rt now. I’m bsn from india and my course was in English so do I need to go through any English test if I apply for Kansas board of nursing? And I m planning to move to Kansas later so m applying for Kansas but what if I apply for Kansas and my plan change to staying in Colorado for some more year after applying for Kansas, can I transfer my lisence from Kansas to Colorado once I pass my nclex? I m asking this question becoz Kansas is incompact state and Colorado is license compact state will i b qualified to work in Colorado?

    1. Hi Sujana,

      I have seen that you are planning to give exam from Kansas.Do you have already started your process or not?

  25. Hello, I graduated here in Miami Florida I will like to get my license via North Carolina because I haven’t been able to pass my test here in Florida. One of their requirements is that my school send my transcripts. Unfortanley my school closed!but I have two of my transcripts with me that I got when I graduate couple years ago. Will they accept my transcripts if I send them?

    1. Hi! I have a very similar situation and was wondering how this all panned out for you- I graduated from nursing school with my BSN this past May in NC and registered for the NY boards (where I’m from). I failed the exam and shortly after decided I want to move back to NC. I am trying to figure out if it would be best to retake the NY boards or to start the application process over through the NC board of nursing and take the exam there. I would prefer to take the exam in NC as I’m looking to move back very soon, but not sure if it’s possible. Thank you for the help!

  26. I have recently graduated from an accredited LVN program in California and have taken and passed the NCLEX-PN but want to move to Louisiana to work. I read somewhere that I might have to work for at least 6 months in California before I can work in Louisiana, is that true? Or can I just transfer my license and be eligible for work in Louisiana? Thank you.

  27. Hi, I want to go to school in Idaho, but I’m planning on coming back to California soon after. Are there extra classes I’ll have to take in order to get my nursing license in California? I’ve heard it’s one of the strictest states.

  28. So I am graduating in May from a ADN program in Oklahoma but my husband is stationed in Colorado so I will be moving there after I graduate. Am I able to apply for Colorado license right away and sit there for the NCLEX? Or should I just apply for Oklahoma and sit in Colorado for the NCLEX and then apply for endorsement?

  29. I have the eligibility for nclex exam now for new york state but Im currently living here in los angeles. Can I transfer my license here in california if ever I pass the Nclex? What process do i need to do just in case?

    1. My papers has been evaluated by cgfns. I wanted to ask if it is possible to transfer my license here in california since this state is strict?Im a Bsn graduate in philippines and I think we dont have the same curicullum here in california. Thank you in advance for your reply.

  30. I failed the nclex twice in Oregon and thought that was the end of my nursing dream forever, until a friend told me that a coworker of hers said that he failed too and was able to take the test in Hawaii or Florida and got license? Is that true? It’s been at Least 5 years since I graduated and failed the test!

    1. Hi Kellie,

      I have been searching for answers to your question. I do see that you must pass your test within 3 years of graduation in the state of Oregon, however, do not see that it is specified for the state of Florida or Hawaii. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) does not specify this either. Florida does look like they require remedial courses approved by Florida State Board of Nursing for their own residents have failed the exam three consecutive times or if you have not taken the exam within 6 months of graduation – you must take a preparatory course. However, nothing is specified about how long can lapse after graduating from nursing school and/or for out-of-state examees. You can contact the Florida or Hawaii state board of nursing to explain your individual case, perhaps they can give you the answer to your specific question. I have attached links to contact information below.

      Florida Board of Nursing*
      4042 Bald Cypress Way
      Tallahassee, FL 32399
      Mailing Address:
      4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin # C01
      Tallahassee, FL 32399-3251
      Phone: (850) 488-0595
      Fax: (850) 487-9626
      Contact Form:

      Hawaii Board of Nursing
      Attn: BON
      PO Box 3469
      Honolulu, HI 96801
      Phone: (808) 586-2695
      Toll free: (808) 586-3000
      Email: or

  31. I have Florida license by endorsement from Puerto Rico license. I ‘m RN with bachelor degree, a nurse for over 30 years, been in FL for 14 years, never take the NCLEX, do I need to take the nclex if I want a RN license for another state. I would like to move to Texas or Colorado.

    1. Noemi,

      Colorado and Texas are both what are called NLC states which stands for National Licensure Compact- this allows nurses to have one license and practice in multiple states. Unfortunately, Florida is not a NLC state (yet-hopefully)! When moving from a non-NLC state to a NLC state (which you are) … you must first apply for licensure by endorsement in the new state of residency. Your individual state license issued by the non-compact state (Florida) is not affected and will remain active if you maintain licensure and if so provided by the laws of the nonparty state.

      You can visit here for more information:

  32. Hello! I am confused. I am in nursing school here in NY and I just have one more semester to go. My question is after I finish all my classes next semester. Can I first move to Florida and take my NCLEX over there in Florida?

    1. Yes. Neither Florida or New York are a National Licensure Compact (NLC) state. The NLC is basically an agreement among participating states that would only require a licensed nurse to have one multi-state license. However, because neither of the states are participating, you would be best to take the exam in the state you will be practicing/residing (so Florida).

  33. Hey, i am a foreign educated nurse from india. I recently cleared nclex rn and got my license from illinois nursing board. We live in nj and i want to transfer my license to nj. . Can anyone tell me what are the procedures for that, as i am foreign educated nurse i cannot do it by endorsement. What is the other way. Plzz help

    1. Hi Mable,

      For the state of New Jersey: internationally educated nurses have two preliminary steps before they complete the application, do the criminal background check, and take the NCLEX.

      1. You must have your coursework evaluated by the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS).
      2. You will also need to take an English proficiency exam, and have scores sent to the CGFNS.

      Additionally, there is a total of $225 due to the New Jersey Board by international candidates who are applying for license by examination.

      You may visit the following link for more information:

  34. Hello, I am finishing up my BS in nursing and U have passed NCLEX. Do you know anything about how licensure works with Puerto Rico? Can I work as a nurse there? (Because its considered a US territory) Furthermore, I am wanting to get my Masters in Puerto Rico. Would I be able to practice state-side?

    1. Where are you taking your initial NCLEX exam? You will need to apply for license endorsement in Puerto Rico once you pass your NCLEX and receive your initial license. You then are able to apply for endorsement in whichever state you choose to practice in – as long as your license is in good standing and you have adhered to the license requirements in your current territory.

      Puerto Rico’s BON number: Phone: (787) 274-7676

      Their website is no longer active. I apologize

  35. So, I had graduated as a lvn from california on 2011. I took the test few times and wasn’t successful. Since 2012 I have been moving yo different states because we are a miltitary family. Right now, we are in alaska and i am hoping to take my test here. I tried ti reaearch if i qualify and im not sure if i understoos the information right but it stated that i wont be qualified candidate if i had failed am exam. Is there any way you can help me?

    1. Hi Jane,

      I do not see where it is specified by the Alaska’s State Board of Nursing or the NCSBN that a failure of the exam would disqualify you from sitting for your boards in Alaska. The NCSBN does restrict the amount of times you can take the exam in 45 days and in 1 year (no more than once in 45 days or eight times in one year). I also see that Alaska requires a remedial course approved by their state board of nursing if an applicant has failed the exam or if more than two years has lapsed since graduation from a nursing program (however, this is not specified the case if you have failed your exam in a different state). Below is contact information for Alaska State Board of Nursing. I would contact them to discuss your individual case.

      Alaska Section of Public Health Nursing
      Robert B. Atwood Building
      550 W. 7th Avenue, Suite 1500
      Anchorage, AK 99501-3567
      Phone: (907) 269-8161
      Fax: (907) 269-8196
      Email: or
      Email Licensing Examiners:

  36. Hello Ma’am/ Sir
    I have done my CGFNS in Texas Board of Nursing. And I am planning to do RN to BSN program in Michigan. Can my Texas Nursing Licence (once I passed NCLEX-RN) be endorsed in Michigan?

  37. Hello, I’m graduated BSN in phil and took board last 2011 then after I work in bahrain as dental assistant for 3 yrs until now.and this yr 2016 I’ve decided to take nclex rn in michigan which I pass. thanks God!! Now my problem i don’t have any hospital experience T_T. And all most all agency they require me to have ospital experience.But i want to work in Michigan badly… :'( . Any advice please. I wish they accept entry level nurse but not new graduate.

    1. Georgina,

      Congrats on passing your NCLEX! So, you have your license but you want to work for an agency- and the problem is they require hospital experience? Unfortunately, most agency nursing positions require at least 6 months to a year of experience to ensure you have the tools to function safely in the changing environments that agency nurses are required to sustain. Are you able to work in a hospital environment for 6 months or so to obtain this experience so that you are able to then move into agency nursing?

  38. Hey,

    I am applying to nursing schools now. I want to practice in California. However the schools here are competitive so I am applying to a few schools in different states. Do you know if it would be difficult for me to go to nursing school at the University of Hawaii and then practice nursing in California?


    1. Monica,

      No, it would not be difficult. You can attend school in Hawaii (or another state) and then come back to California to take your exam following graduation- you just need proof of successful graduation from a nursing program recognized by the NCSBN (National Council of State Board of Nursing). You will also apply to sit for your boards in the state of California- so you would need to see what they require specifically because every state differs slightly in their requirements.

  39. I graduated LVN 10 years ago and never set for the NCLEX, is there a state that will allow me to sit for it now without having to spend the year in school again.

    1. Amanda,

      The NCSBN does not have it specified as far as how many years can lapse after graduating from a school of nursing to sit for your boards. However, a state such as Florida, requires a preparatory course approved by Florida’s State Board of Nursing for their potential examees if more than 6 months has lapsed since graduation. Many states requires this as well if a designated time as passed since graduation. Therefore, I would determine what states you are able too/willing to test in and examine their requirements individually. You can also contact the individual state’s State Board of Nursing to determine if you are still eligible. As I mentioned, it is not specified by the NCSBN- so it is up to the individual states.

  40. Hi!
    I am a BSN graduate (Riverside College Bacolod City) and a RN in the Philippines. I’m an immigrant visa holder and now residing in California.

    I’m trying to apply for CA NCLEX. Would I be eligible to take the NCLEX here in California?

    What are the needed subjects or the curriculum that the CA-BON is looking from a foreign graduate to be eligible?

    Can you help us please.

    Thank you!

    1. I had a friend who graduated fro PI & wanted to take the exam for rn.. sadly when u want a license from california for RN license they require you to go back to school nland get some sort of credits not sure how much u need. She wanted to work so bad already so instead.. she took the lpn exam. I guess because its less requirements.

    2. Kimberly,

      Are you licensed in the Philippines?

      The link below outlines the curriculum/courses required to be eligible to sit for the NCLEX in the state of California.

      If you have a license, the California State Board of Nursing will require you to complete the following:
      1. Send the “Breakdown of Educational Program for International Nursing Programs” to your school with the “Request for Transcript” form. If your transcript is not in English, provide the “Certified English Translation” form to your certified translator. (Pages 16-17)
      2. Submit a copy of the license or diploma that allows you to practice professional nursing in the country where you were educated

  41. Hi i am a graduate from the philippines and i plan in taking my license in new mexico. Because this is just one of the state which offers a little requirements for nclex exam for foriegn student like me. But if i passed i plan to endorsed my licensed to state of hawaii. knowing that hawaii is a non compact state, is that possible?

    1. Tina,

      Yes, it is possible. When wanting to endorse your license from a compact state to a noncompact state you must apply for the licensure by endorsement in the new state of residency (which would be Hawaii). Then your compact license will be changed to a single-state license valid only in that state.

  42. Hi Everyone,

    I am RN from New York , and transforming my license to GA by Licensure by Endorsement. I am getting confuse about proficiency test of English, do I have to have score of TOEL to become a GA RN?
    Your clear detail answer will be very helpful.

    1. Anusha,

      Did you graduate from a U.S. school of nursing? If you are a licensed in New York and graduated from a U.S. school of nursing, you do not need to demonstrate English proficiency. This is the case if you are a foreign candidate. You do need at least 3 months or 500 hours of clinical experience as an RN to be eligible to apply for endorsement in the state of GA. If you do not meet these requirements, a “refresher” course will be mandatory by the Georgia State Board of Nursing.

      Visit the link for the application for endorsement:

  43. Hello there. I am a graduate from Philippines and im trying to pass the nclex here in florida. If i fail the 3rd time and apply for nclex in another state and pass… will florida allow reciprocity? I dont like to do the remedial course in florida so im thinking of just applying to another state

    1. Ant,

      I do not see any restriction noted in Florida’s endorsement requirements that would prohibit you from endorsing your license from whichever state you choose to take the NCLEX. However, Florida is a noncompact state. Therefore, whether you take your exam in a participating compact state or not – you will be required to then go through with the endorsement application process for Florida. This can be time consuming, so be sure to review all of the required information you will need for this application process prior to taking the NCLEX in a different state.

  44. Hi Ma’am Amy.
    Im an RN here in the Philippines but I do not have a clinical experience I graduated and got licensed(Philippine) in 2010. I would like to sit for NCLEX Exam for State of TX to be taken here in the Philippines. I checked out the website of BON-TX. It says that (1) Applicants should have a 2-yr clinical experience after graduation. (2)”IENs who have passed NCLEX RN Exam without clinical exp. are required to take the a REFRESHER COURSE in order to be licensed”
    My questions are: Will I still be allowed to take the exam even if I do not have the experience required? If so and hopefully hurdled, Where should the refresher course be taken? In the Philippines or US? Hope you can help me.

    1. Erik,

      The refresher course needs to be approved by the desired state, in your case Texas. Therefore, the Texas State Board of Nursing must approve the refresher course. Although, it does appear that Texas requires the applicant must have worked within the 4 years preceding the filing of the examination application AND be within 4 years of his/her date of eligibility in order to sit for the NCLEX. It looks like you would not be able to sit for the NCLEX in Texas. It is best to contact the Texas Board of Nursing to be positive.

      Here is a link to the Texas BON:

      It is also noted that two schools in the Philippines are no longer approved schools of nursing, please make sure one of these are not your alma mater…
      1. Kennedy Global School of Business, Inc.
      2. Ryan International School of Business

  45. Hello,
    I have a nursing license from Puerto Rico and I have not yet worked as an RN. What would be the most expedient way for me to satisfy the NCLEX requirements? I just moved to Chicago and would like to move to California eventually.
    Kind Regards

    1. Ivelissa,

      You will need to do 3 basic steps no matter which state you are applying for licensure:
      Step 1: Apply with the State Board of Nursing where you will be practicing.

      Step 2: Register with Pearson Vue to schedule your NCLEX location and date. Registration costs $200, plus additional fees if you are taking the NCLEX outside of the U.S.

      Step 3: Getting into the Country. This involves immigration, visas, and getting approval to stay and work in the country.

      Each state will then have their own individual requirements. See the following link to see Illinois requirements.

  46. Hi.
    I have a question. My friend is currently attending nursing school in Florida and will be graduating in December of this year (2015).
    Is it possible for him to take the NCLEX in Florida after graduation, pass and then move to Hawaii and become a registered nurse practitioner in Hawaii? Also, would it be a problem for him to obtain a license in Hawaii and what are the necessary requirements he needs to fulfill in order to make this happen?
    If anyone can provide me with insight on this, it would be much appreciate. This individual, by the way, is now attending the St. Petersburg College of Nursing.

    1. David,

      Your friend would be eligible, they must apply for license by endorsement. Neither Florida or Hawaii are compact states, meaning you must follow the endorsement process to obtain a license in Hawaii from Florida. Your friend should visit Hawaii’s BON website to see how to begin the application process. Below is the link to the application for endorsement of licensure:

  47. Hi there. I am currently living in california and look to practice out here. However, I know that california is very strict in terms of licensing. My question is if I attend a program that is in texas or florida and get my bsn or asn from there, then how would I go about endorsing it to california, and how would I know for sure if california will accept the transcripts to meet their educational requirements. I have tried repeatedly to get these questions answered by both the california board as well as numerous blogs however all of the answers that I have received have been gray instead of black or white.

    1. Simon,

      Have you considered taking your NCLEX in California versus Texas or Florida (wherever you go to school). It may be more time-consuming for you to take your exam then have to apply for endorsement through California BON. It may be easier for you to sit for your boards in California initially if you plan to practice there, especially because they do have many strict requirements. I am unable to locate the exact curriculum requirements. Although, California does require clinical and theory to be take concurrently, which if your are just going into nursing school now, should not be a problem (this typically is a problem if you graduated before 2003). However, here is a link to the information regarding California’s Board of Nursing license by endorsement procedures:

  48. I am a student at chamberlain college bachelors program I do not have a nursing license live in FL. I read that State of ÇA does not recognize their degree program can they do that. What’s the best advice I was planning to finish school and take the exam in CA instead of FL or I was thinking NC. Should I get my license at FL then move to ÇA.

    1. Luis,

      Chamberlain College received reaffirmation from the CCNE in February, 2015, thus there should not be a problem with California recognizing the program.

      If your not sure exactly where you want to be, NC state is a compact state – therefore you could use your license in other compact states if you obtain a license here. Unfortunately, Florida or California are noncompact states- you would need to apply for licensure by endorsement if you sit for your boards in Florida and move to California. It may be quicker to do it this way, then apply for endorsement in California. You can also be issued a temporary license if your application process/review process is not complete in California.

      Here is a link to California BON

  49. I’m inquiring regarding what process to I have to take in order for me to work as a nurse here at Pennsylvania. I came from Philippines, I graduated and Registered nurse there since 2004, passed the CGFNS exam last 2005 and I have a Registered Nurse License in state of New Mexico. Should I take another state board exam for Pennsylvania or can apply for Endorsement. Hope you can help me. Thank you so much

    1. Michelle,

      New Mexico is a compact state, however, Pennsylvania is not. Thus you will need to apply for endorsement for the state of Pennsylvania. You have already taken the CGFNS exam, you should not have to take another state board. However, I would contact CGFNS to clarify because Pennsylvania’s State Board of Nursing does not clarify for your particular situation. You do not fall strictly under the category of internationally educated nurses because you do hold a U.S. license.

      Here is the link:

  50. What is the most easy and hassle free State to choose in taking the Nclex examination application? I’m from the Philippines and currently working as a Nurse in Riyadh.

    1. Danica,

      I would definitely look at which states are a compact state, this eases the process if you plan to move states (at least when going from compact to compact state). I also would look at Texas, New York, and Maryland (among others), but these do not have a set number of attempts to pass the exam or remedial/refresher course requirements.

      Here is a link to all the state board of nursing contact information. You may visit this and look at states your interested in to compare the requirements.

  51. Hi, I’m planning to go to Associate Degree in Nursing in Florida. I live in California. I found this school is good for me and the license status is approved by Florida board of nursing. And Im planning to move back to California after graduate. In regards to the licenses status,
    1. Once I graduted from this school, will i be able to take NCLEX-RN in state california to have license in california?
    2. Which one is better, to have RN licence in Florida first then apply for endorsement or take NCLEX-RN exam in California?
    Thank you so much

    1. Daud,

      Yes, you may take the exam in any state. It may be more expensive to sit for your boards in Florida then apply for endorsement in California (plus a more timely approach). You may want to consider taking your boards in California. I would just make sure you have all of the requirements by California’s BON and what they need from your school of nursing (especially while you are still attending the school…things are much easier to get when you are in person).

  52. I graduated from nursing school in December of 2011 with a BSN in Illinois. I took NCLEX and failed with 265 questions. Since then I have had many “life events” such as deaths, getting married and moving. Illinois requires you to take the exam and pass within a 3 year period. My 3 years expired in December and I was just wondering if it is possible to register to take the exam in a different state that does not have a time cap. I have been working in the medical field and know that I can pass this exam. If I were to pass in another state would I still have a chance at qualifying for a License by Endorsement in Illinois?

    1. Kelly,

      In the state of Iowa there is no limitation as for how many years you have been out of nursing school. You can visit individual state BON website to view their requirements on the time cap and choose one that works best for you. Once licensed, you will then be able to apply by endorsement.

  53. Hello,
    I am a nursing graduate from out of state and currently live back home in California. I graduated in December 2014 and applied for the CA board of nursing in late November yet still have not received an authorization to test. I am getting worried and just wanted to ask of you if you were familiar with the period of time it takes to receive an ATT email in California? Does earning your degree in another state delay the process even more?
    Thank you so much.

    1. Alexis,

      The ATT number cannot be processed until the board receives all of the necessary information, so this may take longer if your degree is form another state. If it has exceeded the 10-12 week time frame that is indicated, I would contact California BON to inquire.

  54. Hi Nurse Amy,

    I just saw your blog and I am glad to read all this things about NCLEX. Like all of the comments here, I also need help with regards to the NCLEX-RN application. I graduated BSN and also a registered nurse in the Philippines but I am currently living in California. I know that many applicants for nclex-rn here in CA are having a huge problem due to the “concurrency issue”. That is the reason why I am planning to apply for Nclex RN in Oregon because thats one of the states next to California aside from Nevada. Is it true that I need to live in Oregon for 12 months (Oregon Residency) to be able to get a job there? I just don’t know what to do now. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Nurse Amy!

  55. I have friends from the Philippines that passed the NCLEX RN exam and are now working in Riyadh. If they are trying to work in the US or Canada will they have to retake this exam

  56. Hi, I am a BSN graduate and a RN is the Philippines. I am currently residing in GA. I am also working on paperwork for the CGFNS to evaluate my credentials overseas and while waiting, working as a CNA. I was rooting to apply as a RN here in GA but I have plans in moving to NY. I’m not sure whether I should apply in GA and get endorsed in NY or the other way around. I’m seeking for the easiest way possible, since both states aren’t included in the compact. I want to work here for at least 4 months before moving to NY.

    1. Rizza,

      If you want to to work in Georgia, I would apply for your license in GA then apply for endorsement in NY. If you did not plan to work as an RN in Georgia, I would suggest applying for examination in NY and skip GA altogether.

  57. Hi,

    I have a friend who graduated last December as a Registered Nurse in Puerto Rico. He just got his license via mail. He is now here in Chicago, IL and needs guidance on how to transfer his license to work in Chicago. Does he have to take the NClex again? please advice on the process that he needs to take.

    Thank You so much

  58. Hi I m foreign nurse.I registered at cgfns ..I live in colorado n this state need english exam.don’t want to give toefl exam. I plan to get linscene of tx.The tx bon asked tx address n co bon just replied both r compact state n tx will not grand u eligibility. I m in trouble n want to get rn license. …I just want to get rn linscene from any state then endorse help me…thank u

      1. California state BON can require an English proficiency test if they have doubt of your abilities to comprehend the English language, but they do not routinely.

  59. Hi Nurse Amy,
    I have been searching everywhere for information to help me at a crossroads concerning my RN license. I live in GA with a lapsed license that the GA Board has approved for reinstatement application,valid until February 2015. I am in the process of getting resume and info together for an RN reentry program that costs $800, of course well worth the money to save my license and a lot less money and commitment than any other program in GA. Here is my dilemma. I also have a dental hygiene license which is active. Some people are telling me to let my RN license expire because I have this license and also because I only have one year nursing (cardiac) experience in nursing. I don’t need to work right now and am working prn as a dental hygienist. If nursing offered more flexibility and better hours, I would rather go that route. I can’t find anywhere any information that tells me what happens to my license if I let it expire, will I have to retake the NCLEX again if I decide to work later? I am a hard worker and get sick when I think about letting my rn license expire. I am also wondering if I should not be so hard on myself. The biggest clincher in all of this is that I got my RN license later in life and am now 5o years young. I just need objective help in clearing my head about a very important decision. The GA board also takes days and even does not respond to my email questions. I finally got a real person on the phone about a month ago. I know they are busy. Thank you so much for you time.

    1. If nursing is what you want to do then do it! It does offer great flexibility and good pay, also the benefit of having a job wherever you go! Although, I am sure dental hygienists do as well. You have to determine what you want to do firstly! Secondly, every state differs slightly in the what to do if my license expires…. you may be required to re-take the NCLEX or at least a refresher course if your license were to expire. I would attempt to keep it current if nursing is still an option you may want to pursue. Keep in mind, GA now requires CE- you must fulfill these requirements as well to keep your license up-to-date.

  60. Hi there nurse Amy! I am a registered nurse in Philippines too and residing here at Las Vegas, NV right now. I’m heaving a hard time complying with their requirements especially the TOEFL exam, i already passed ielts(not yet expired) but they do not accept ielts i don’t want to take another language exam again, in fact ielts is better because it all encompasses the american, british and australian english compared to toefl w/c is only american english. So in short i am planning to take on another state like NY and then after passing it i will endorse it to NV, my biggest question is do i still need a toefl exam after passing the board in NY to get endorse in NV? And is there some instances that they will ask for work experience from NY or where my state license are from before getting endorsed to NV? Thank you very much and Godbless us all collegues!

    1. Kenny,

      The best place for you to start is actually look at Nevada’s requirements for license by endorsement. Here it states ”
      *You must submit a copy of your transcript, which must indicate a nursing degree and graduation date.
      *Professional Report OR IERF** Nursing Licensure Evaluation Report for the state of Nevada )*Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools/Credentials Evaluation Service**International Education Research Foundation

      If you apply for endorsement in less than 5 years after you obtain your license….
      *If you have been a licensed nurse in the United States less than five (5) years you ARE REQUIRED to successfully pass one of the following
      1. English proficiency examinations. The minimum score of English proficiency must be achieved before you can be issued a license in Nevada. All test results must be sent directly to the Board.
      2. The Internet-based (IBT) TOEFL minimum score of 84, 26 spoken English; or
      3. Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE) with a minimum score of 55 and no individual section below 50;

      4. Submit documentation of successful completion of an English proficiency exam accepted by another US board of nursing.

      Thus, if NY accepts ielts, you can submit this as documentation when you apply for your endorsement in NV.

      See the following link for more assistance:

  61. Hi there nurse amy, i graduated BSN in the philippines and passed the NLE. I am currently living in Arizona. I would like to take NCLEX either here or in California. My question is which do you think would be easier and how can i know that i am eligible to take the nclex on each state? Thank you so much

    1. Hi April,Good Day!!

      We have the same situation or should I say “dilemma”, I am also living here in AZ and came from Phil. and RN there, but I already spent 10months figuring out what to do first for the requirements in taking NCLEX.
      According to BON-AZ, first you need to validate Educ. Requirements through CGFNS.I guess it is a universal requirement..etc..
      I hope we can help each other with this. you can contact me @ this # 602-705-7401.
      By the way, I’m Excel…

      1. April and Excel,

        Do you have a social security number? Arizona does not require one, but California does. So this could influence your decision. As far as the actual requirements, California actually does not require an English proficiency exam and does not require CGFNS, just your transcripts need to be sent. Arizona does actually require an English proficiency exam and pne of: CGFNS, IERF, ERES, and JS&A Reports.

        Attached is a link to assist you in viewing the requirements:

  62. Hi Amy, I am planning to take my NCLEX exam at California, I currently living in Cali..I also want to have license in New question is, is it possible to take nclex for two state as the same time?

    What if I fail the exam at california,do I need to pass another papers from my school again so I can take another nclex for New Mexico? because I read some of the forum that each state have different evaluation,so i was thinking if I would need to pass another paper requirements.thanks a lot..

    1. Kathleen,

      You would need to determine the requirements to take the NCLEX set by New Mexico. You will need to send your school name, transcripts, diploma to verify graduation if you choose to take your exam in NM. What other paper requirements are you referring to? You can contact NM’s BON licensing supervisor for specific questions: name: Sabrina Vidaurri phone: 505.389-8766. You will not need to take the NCLEX twice.

      You take the NCLEX in one state and then apply for license endorsement in the other (once you have passed your exam and received your initial license).

  63. Victoria,
    Please check with the admission office of the one you are applying for but the majority of schools require a license in the state the school is. This is per accreditation and not something they have much control over.

    1. Thank you very much for the info! So if they do end up requiring a license in the state that the school is located in then I would have to wait most likely?

      1. Victoria,

        Once you receive your initial license, then you are able to apply by endorsement. So you will have to wait until you receive your initial license. As far as for the school, you can contact the admissions and they can always accept you into the program pending the completion of the license endorsement process.

  64. Hi Nurse Amy, I have a question: I have an Associates degree and just took the NCLEX and passed in February 2014. I am still awaiting my license and while I am waiting, I am researching schools to go and get my Bachelors degree. My question is since I will have a license in New Jersey, can I go to a school out of state and give them my New Jersey license or do I need to get my license “endorsed” by whatever state the nursing school is in first and then I can attend? Thank you for your time!

  65. I think it would depend what name is on your nursing license in Alaska. If you already have a license in Alaska – then you would apply for “licensure by endorsement” in any other state in the US you wanted to practice. Any state is going to have different requirements for their application. The best course of action is to contact the particular state’s nursing board and talk to them on the phone. Here is a link to a site where you can click on the state and their board information comes up:

    Here is a short online course you can take that might help your practice in the US. Acclimation of International Nurses into U.S. Nursing Practice –

    You might also want to contact the CGFNS center for help/information.

    Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS). CGFNS prescreens foreign educated nurses wishing to practice in the U.S. Prescreening involves a review of the nurses education; licensure in the home country; English language proficiency testing; and a predictor exam that provides an indicator of the nurse’s ability to pass the U.S. national licensure exam (NCLEX).

    Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools
    3600 Market Street, Suite 400
    Philadelphia, PA 19104-2651 U.S.A.
    Telephone: 215-222-8454
    Fax: 215-662-0425

    1. I don’t have a nursing license in any state yet.
      But I am licensed in the Philippines.
      It’s just under a different surname.
      I only used my mother’s maiden name when I went here in Alaska. In school, and in my license, I used my father’s surname.

      Thank you for answering Nurse Amy

  66. Hi!
    I graduated and had my license in the Philippines last 2010.
    I’m currently in Alaska.
    I’m thinking of applying for nclex in another state tho.
    Maybe in NewMexico?
    And just apply for ‘licensure by endorsement’ here..
    Is it possible??

    But the problem is, I use a different surname here in the US from the surname in my school records in the Philippines
    Would an affidavit be accepted?

  67. Hello. I’m inquiring on behalf of my sister. She is currently located in California with plans to possibly move to Florida. We’ve been told that she should take the NCLEX in Florida because California requires that she need have taken a Gynecology class, and apparently Florida doesn’t. Somehow that was not a part of her curriculum in nursing school. Is it true that California has this as an educational requirement before releasing your license? Please help. Thank you in advance.

    1. I am not sure why she would have been told that. Each board will approve students based on the school they went to for nursing and the how that school is accredited, not the particular classes students took. So it depends on what school she went to. Each nursing board requires various school requirements before it issues an authorization to test. Here are Florida’s – these are listed on their website

      The requirements for licensure by examination can be found in Section 464.008, F.S, and include:

      Graduation from a Florida approved or accredited nursing education program as defined in Section 464.003, F.S.

      Graduation from an Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) or Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) accredited nursing program that has been issued an NCLEX code by NCSBN.

      Graduation from a nursing education program that is approved or recognized by the jurisdiction in which it is based and that has been issued an NCLEX code by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN).

      Graduation from a military nursing education program that has been issued an NCLEX code by NCSBN.

      Graduation from a generic Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) or higher program that has been issued an NCLEX code by NCSBN.

      Graduation from a non-NCSBN jurisdiction, i.e. Puerto Rico, or international nursing education program that the board determines is equivalent to an approved program (NON-NCSBN/International Grads)…

      Here are the approved programs in California

  68. In this day and age of very stringent healthcare regulation, the US States do not take unlicensed international nurses. California and other states require that you go through the CGFNS process where that application verifies your international licensure.

    You may need to look at the CGFNS process for international students without licensure to see if you can sit for a qualifying exam.

    1. Hello Nurse Amy! Sorry I forgot to mention I am already licensed in the Philippines, just this June 2013. Currently, I am leaning toward taking the NCLEX in New Mexico. In the application, it is written “I intend to practice in the state (s) of ______.” Would it be right that for the mean time I will list New Mexico in that blank? And then apply for licensure by endorsement later? Considering that my primary state of residence is here in California.

      Thank you so much for your help.

  69. Hey there! I recently graduated (March 2013) and I took my BSN in the Philippines. Now I live in California, but it seems that with regards to the concurrency issues here, I am discouraged to apply for the NCLEX here in California. I would like to ask for a list of other US states that are not as strict as the Board of Nursing here. I am opting to apply in New York, Nevada, New Mexico, Vermont or Texas, but I am not sure which of these states is the easiest route. Thank you!

  70. You should call the Michigan board to make sure – but it depends on where you which board authorized you to take the exam. Typically to be allowed to sit for the exam you have to graduate and then your school gets an authorize to test from the board of the state they are in. You then typically have to apply for licensure in that state. It’s hard to tell from your post but it sounds like that would be Cali.

    You then would apply for a “license by endorsement” in Michigan.

  71. Hi. I took nclex in california in august ..passed but havent sent in for license yet. I am moving to michigan in february and I am wondering if I need to get licensed in cali first then transfer license or if I should just wait until I move to get initial license in michigan. Everything in cali has been paid except the license fee and i am not sure what fees ill be required to pay in michigan. Just wondering best route to take. Thanks

  72. I graduated 8 years ago and failed the test twice. I want to take test again, what state will allow me without going back through nursing school.

  73. It really varies by state to state. It depends on how efficient their nursing board is, if you did their application right which sometimes feels like a ridiculous amount of jumping through hoops and whether or not you are moving from a compact state to a compact state or going between compact and non-compact. If you have any type of strike against your license or DUI etc, it will take longer because it has to go before the board. Remember if you are moving compact to compact then you can apply simply to use your other state’s license for 30 days. It took me about 1 week in Georgia once I mailed it. It took 6 weeks in Florida.

    Things that can help:
    do everything they ask you to and read through your application 1000 times to make sure you did everything.
    Don’t use staples. They are like the IRS, they hate them.
    Keep a copy.
    Send it quickly through the mail like priority or express or Fedex. Definitely with tracking.
    Use money orders not checks.
    Write your name on every page, even if they don’t give you a place for it.
    Go collect any letters that they need yourself, in person. For example – former employment verifications and send the whole thing in 1 packet. I find that if I show up to former HRs in person, they will be MUCH more likely to actually do the letter that day and then I know that the board is getting it.
    Include everything they ask for – transcripts etc in one packet.
    Some boards have walk in hours where they will process your application on the spot. You have to drive there and walk in with it and wait. But it can save a week. Check with the board.

    Thanks, Nurse Amy

    1. Hi,
      I am currently working as a RN in michigan and working on my MSN for NP. At the end of my studies I will have to sit for my boards to get my NP but I know at some point close to that I will be moving to colorado. If I take and pass my NP boards in michigan, what is required of me to legally work in Colorado as an NP once I move? Thanks in advance.

      1. You may want to look into taking your initial exam in Colorado, depending how long you will stay in Michigan after graduation. The Colorado State Board of Nursing requires the following for endorsement: is credentialed in another state and has practiced at least two of the prior five years or 2) has a graduate degree and holds national certification.

        An individual who applies for endorsement based on active practice must provide a scanned copy of all registrations, past and present.

        You may visit for more information: or call 303-894-2430

  74. In this day and age of very stringent healthcare regulation, the US States do not take unlicensed international nurses. Nevada and other states require that you go through the CGFNS process where that application verifies your international licensure.

    You may need to look at the CGFNS process for international students without licensure to see if you can sit for a qualifying exam.

    In addition, since you are a US citizen, you may want to contact your local US embassy and see if they can help you apply to the Philippines to go back and sit for the exam. The PRC does have temporary certificates they can issue.

    An additional support might be the school you attended abroad. It surprises me that they have not helped you successfully apply to the PRC for licensure. Schools in the US are measured by the percentage of their graduates that sit and pass their exams. So they are “dinged” if a student does not sit and pass. It motivates schools in the US to be helpful to their students.

    Thanks, Nurse Amy

  75. Im a bsn grad from the Philippines, I have not taken the local licensure for nurses because the PRC didnt allow me, I am a US citizen so they were questioning my citizenship. Is there any way for me to apply for nclex rn in nevada?

  76. You are correct – you have to be licensed in the Philippines in order to apply for licensure directly in Illinois.

    The alternative is to find a state around Illinois that does not require this and apply for licensure in that state, sit for the NCLEX and then once licensed, apply for licensure by endorsement in Illinois. Here is a good map that has all the contact information:

    Unfortunately this is getting more and more difficulty as states pass stricter laws regulating healthcare and there might be very few or any that offer this option anymore.

    Here is the link to the Illinois licensure by endorsement

  77. I am sorry but all states require that you pay the testing fee to Pearson Vue before taking the exam. Unfortunately the exam is expensive to take. If you are able to line up a job and keep receipts then sometimes your job will reimburse you for it or you could ask for that as part of your hiring agreement.


  78. I would like to work in the states as lpn so I was checking out Arizona , but I’m required to pay the Arizona Nursing Association the registration fee before taking the state exam. What if one didn’t pass the exam, then there is 300 dollars or so paid for nothing. My question is, is there any state that allows you to take the exam and then once passed the exam, one would then pay the registration fee.

  79. Hi, i would like to ask about the requirements on how to take an NCLEX. I am a BSN in the Philippines but unfortunately i didn’t pass the local board exam . I now lived at illinois. I want to take NCLEX for me to have a license in here. I inquire here in IDFPR but they told me that they need a license to where i graduated and that’s one of there requirements. My question is what are the states who doesn’t need a license requirement? And is Newyork Board of nursing doesn’t need a license requirements?

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