Prioritize in the New Year!

I spent a little time enjoying the holidays, visiting family, and resting.  I hope you got a bit of a study break as well as they say, “all work and no play…makes us dull”.  Caregiver role strain is going to be an issue no matter what type of nursing job you take on and I […]

Prioritizing in a Pediatric NCLEX question

On to another triage question, but this one involves pediatrics.   Do not forget about reviewing vulnerable populations such as pediatrics, obstetrics, the elderly, or the incarcerated for their unique clinical needs. A 4 year old Hispanic female presents to the Emergency Department (ED) with her Spanish-speaking parents.  She was born at 35 premature and her […]

Triaging in an NCLEX Question

So, back to the meat of the NCLEX – questions!  It is likely that you will see a cardiac triage question on the NCLEX as chest pain accounts for over 6 million visits to the Emergency Departments (ED) in the US annually, making it one of the most common complaints (McCaig, 2003).  This is definitely […]

A Classic Prioritization Question You May Find on the NCLEX

A lot of studying for the NCLEX is reviewing what you already know and reorganizing it in your mind.  You have probably seen these concepts in a lecture and in clinical practice, now just put them all together.  This can make it seem deceptively easy, but there is a lot of information to cover, which […]