Merry Cold and Flu Season! Vaccinations on the NCLEX

Sorry if I have been a little quiet lately.  If you have a child under the age of 6 – as soon as the weather gets cold, you are certain to get sick.  They are a walking, playing petri dish. Over the last two weeks we have had both the flu and strep throat.  I […]

The Distribution of Question Categories on NCLEX-RN vs NCLEX-PN and Why

Although the categories on the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN are the same except for Management of Care vs Coordinated Care, their distribution is different. What I mean by that is the percentage of questions on the test devoted to each category is unique by test.  Part of the reason is that the NCLEX-PN and NCLEX-RN are […]

Triaging in an NCLEX Question

So, back to the meat of the NCLEX – questions!  It is likely that you will see a cardiac triage question on the NCLEX as chest pain accounts for over 6 million visits to the Emergency Departments (ED) in the US annually, making it one of the most common complaints (McCaig, 2003).  This is definitely […]

The Major Difference Between the RN and PN NCLEX Test Plans

As I reviewed in a previous blog, the RN and PN NCLEX tests have the same categories with one difference – in the care subcategory, which falls underneath “Safe Effective Care Environment”.  They also have unique percentages devoted to the categories, altering the distribution of the content questions.  We can go into that more in […]

A Classic Prioritization Question You May Find on the NCLEX

A lot of studying for the NCLEX is reviewing what you already know and reorganizing it in your mind.  You have probably seen these concepts in a lecture and in clinical practice, now just put them all together.  This can make it seem deceptively easy, but there is a lot of information to cover, which […]