Prioritize in the New Year!

I spent a little time enjoying the holidays, visiting family, and resting.  I hope you got a bit of a study break as well as they say, “all work and no play…makes us dull”.  Caregiver role strain is going to be an issue no matter what type of nursing job you take on and I […]

The Distribution of Question Categories on NCLEX-RN vs NCLEX-PN and Why

Although the categories on the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN are the same except for Management of Care vs Coordinated Care, their distribution is different. What I mean by that is the percentage of questions on the test devoted to each category is unique by test.  Part of the reason is that the NCLEX-PN and NCLEX-RN are […]

How is the NCLEX scored – in common English?

How is the NCLEX scored? So the NCLEX is actually an incredible test.  The academics and statistics behind how it scores is well-researched and very valid.  It is also pretty complex.  Let me try to explain… Firstly, be assured that your test is scored twice.  The computer where you take your test scores it and […]

Getting back into nursing – do you need to retake the NCLEX?

So that is actually a tricky question.  Have you let your license lapse? Or do you still have a current RN/PN license? If you have kept at least one state license current, then you probably don’t need to ever retake the NCLEX.  If, however you have not had a RN/PN license in the last couple […]

Triaging in an NCLEX Question

So, back to the meat of the NCLEX – questions!  It is likely that you will see a cardiac triage question on the NCLEX as chest pain accounts for over 6 million visits to the Emergency Departments (ED) in the US annually, making it one of the most common complaints (McCaig, 2003).  This is definitely […]