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NCLEX Forms for Massachusetts

NOTE: Applications for licensure for the state of Massachusetts are handled by a third party, Professional Credential Services. The applicant must register with this credentialing service to obtain full directions for licensing by examination. License applications are submitted to the credentialing service and NOT to the Board of Nursing. The credentialing service may be contacted at:

Professional Credential Services
Address: 150 Fourth Avenue North, Suite 800
Nashville, TN 37219
Telephone: (877) 887-9727 - within the United States
(615) 880-4275 - outside the United States
Internet: www.pcshq.com


RN and LPN Applications: $230.00

Fees are non-refundable, non-transferable, and payable to "PCS" (Professional Credential Services)


  • Applications for the state of Massachusetts are submitted via a third party, Professional Credential Service.

  • The state of Massachusetts has a "Good Moral Character" requirement for nurse licensure. Documentation of Good Moral Character must be submitted to the Board. Information may be found here: Good Moral Character Requirements

  • Criminal background checks are required of all applicants and are part of the "Good Moral Character" requirement.

As part of the application process, you must:

  • Register with the credentialing service and follow all prompts and directions offered at their website. Be sure to use their Toll-free number if you have any questions about the process. The number is: 877-887-9727
  • Complete the Good Moral Character Forms and submit them to the Board of Nursing.

Licensing Process

Once the application, fee, and supporting documents have been submitted to the credentialing service and to the Board, they will be reviewed and it will be determined if you are eligible to test.

If you are eligible to take the NCLEX, you will receive an authorization to test (ATT) and instructions on scheduling the test.

When passing NCLEX results are received, your license will be available through the Board's website within 5 business days. Paper licenses are mailed within 21 business days.

About Temporary Permits:

The state of Massachusetts no longer issues temporary permits. It is NOT LEGAL to practice nursing as a "Graduate Nurse". It is not legal to practice if you do not hold a valid, current Massachusetts nursing license.

If you require special testing accommodations due to disability, you must fill out the form(s) found here:
Special Accommodation Requests

Submit the form as early in the application process as possible. The Board will review your request and decide whether to approve the accommodations. Additional documentation may be requested by the Board.

Need More Information?
Access the site for the Massachusetts Board of Nursing here: Massachusetts Board of Nursing