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NCLEX Forms for Virginia

Licensure by Examination

RN/LPN Online Application: Apply for Licensing

RN: $190
LPN: $170

Fee is non-refundable and must be in U.S. funds only


  • Applications for the state of Virginia are now exclusively accepted online.
  • Applicants will need to submit a Social Security Number or a Control Number issued by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Criminal Background Checks are NOT required.
  • Submitting the application for licensure by examination does NOT register you for the NCLEX. Applicants must register and pay separately for the exam by going to: www.pearsonvue.com.

Licensing Process

Once the application, fee, and supporting documents have been reviewed, the Board will determine if you are eligible to test.

If you are eligible to take the NCLEX, you will receive an authorization to test (ATT) and instructions on scheduling the test.

Note: A new application and fee must be filed if the examination is not taken within six months of the date that the Board determines the applicant to be eligible or if eligibility is not established within six months of the original filing date.

When passing NCLEX results are received by the board, a license will be issued.

If you feel you have need of special accommodations for testing, due to disability, you must indicate this in your application. Additional documentation will be requested.

Need More Information?
Access the site for the Virginia Board of Nursing at: Virginia Board of Nursing.