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NCLEX Pass Rates for Michigan

RN Pass Rates:
Total number of students who passed: 4366
Total number of students who took the exam: 5050
Percentage that Passed: 86%

LPN Pass Rates:

Percentage that Passed: 94%

NCLEX-RN: Schools With the Best Pass Rate:
Baker College Clinton Township 100%
Davenport Warren 100%

NCLEX-LPN: Schools With the Best Pass Rate:
Glen Oaks Community College 99%
West Shore Community College 99%

Top 10 Michigan Schools with Best NCLEX Pass Rate

RankSchoolPass Rate
1Baker College Clinton Township100%
2Davenport Warren100%
3Wayne State University99%
4Gogebic Community College, Houghton Health Careers Center99%
5Muskegon Community College, School of Nursing98%
6Jackson Community College98%
7Hope College97%
8Lake Michigan College96%
9Monroe County Community College96%
10Kellogg Community College94%

Data is correct as of: 2013