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NCLEX Practice Questions on Mental Health

A Multiple Choice Question on Mental Health

Question: Which of the following poses the highest risk of drug abuse among children and adolescents?

A) The child/adolescent transitions from one school to another, such as from middle school to high school
B) Working in a convenience store that sells tobacco
C) Having parents that consistently enforce discipline
D) The mother used marijuana while pregnant with the child/adolescent

Answer: Transitions between schools, whether from moving or based on age (high school to college, for example) are times in which children and adolescents are at high risk for starting the use of alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs. Working in a convenience store that sells tobacco has not been shown to have a strong link to later abuse. Moreover a mom that used marijuana during gestation does not lead to higher rates of drug abuse in the offspring. Parents that consistently enforce discipline are actually a protective factor against future drug use/abuse in children/adolescents. Therefore, the correct answer is A.

Topics: Drug abuse, Addict, Mental health, Pediatrics,
Nursing Process: Nursing Process
NCLEX Category: Reduction of Risk Potential
Nurse Types: RN,LPN

References: Hockenberry, Lowdermilk, Perry, & Wilson (2014). The Adolescent and Family In Maternal Child Nursing Care (pp. 1039-1044) (5th ed). St. Louis, Missouri: Mosby | Elsevier

A Select All That Apply (SATA) Question on Mental Health

Question: When an RN employs silence as therapeutic communication, what is it primarily intended to achieve? Select all that apply.

A) Shows disapproval for inappropriate patient behavior
B) Allows the patient to organize thoughts and speak freely
C) Allows the nurse time to reflect on accuracy of information provided by the patient
D) Shows empathy

Answer: Silence can be a powerful therapeutic communication tool when used appropriately. It encourages the patient to focus the conversation, organize thoughts and open up to further communication. It is done for the patient’s benefit, primarily. Silence does not express empathy without some form of nonverbal communication or physical contact. Therefore, the correct answer is BC.

Topics: Mental health, Therapeutic communication
Nursing Process: Communication and Documentation
NCLEX Category: Psychosocial Integrity
Nurse Types: RN,LPN

References: Lillis, C., Lynn, P., & Taylor, C. (2015). Assessing In Fundamentals of Nursing (p. 245). (8th ed). Philadelphia, Pa: Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.