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Professional Testimonial:

As an NCLEX tutor, I feel Easy NCLEX is a great resource for students who are studying for the NCLEX or even as an adjunct to the corresponding lessons they are covering in school. I use Easy NCLEX while tutoring to supplement the traditional board review book.

Easy NCLEX divides questions by subject matter and I’m able to focus my tutoring sessions on questions in a particular area that a student may be struggling with. Practice questions are the best way to prepare for the NCLEX and Easy NCLEX questions simulate what you would actually see on the exam both in content subject matter and in format. I’m always looking for more materials to add to my library.

Now that I’ve found Easy NCLEX, it has become a regular staple in my lesson plan. The best part is that I’m actually able to recommend Easy NCLEX to my students because it is reasonably priced and won’t break a nursing students' budget.

Nachole Johnson, MSN, FNP-BC