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NCLEX Prep Classes and Private Tutoring Online

EasyNCLEX has partnered with Varsity Tutors to provide you with personalized exam prep to pass the NCLEX. All of their NCLEX prep services have both an RN version and an LPN version.

Varsity Tutors offers the following services for NCLEX:

Private Online Tutoring

If you're struggling with an NCLEX subject or want help with any topic in nursing, then you need to contact our tutoring partners! Their high quality team of nursing tutors can help prepare you for the exam with customized online lessons.

Their advisors have an extensive background in education and can answer your questions about how their tutoring works.

After discovering the preferred subject, schedule, goals, tutor preferences, and others details, your advisor will make a recommendation. They will identify a tutor that meets your specific needs and has met their stringent requirements.

Tutoring is completely online via Phone, Email, Skype, and/or Virtual Whiteboard.

Varsity tutors currently has over 300 NCLEX tutors.

According to Varsity Tutors, only 10% of the NCLEX instructors who interview make it through their vetting process. This should give you confidence you are working with a top tutor, whoever you choose!

You can either choose your own tutor or they will choose one for you based on your needs and goals. On their website you can find the list of NCLEX Tutors.

With private tutoring you also have the benefit of arranging it according to your schedule, instead of being bound to dates and times as you would with an online class.

Online Classes

With Varsity Tutors you can also prep for the NCLEX with live online classes. Each class consists of about 6-9 students. The small groups allow for personalized attention for each student.

Classes are held online, and you can choose from 2 options: Either a complete NCLEX class, or a topic-specific class.

Complete NCLEX Class

Cost: $199

Duration: 4 weeks

The aim of this course is to help you prepare for all subjects on the test.

Topic Specific Class

Cost: $39

Duration: 3 hours

The aim of this course is to prepare you in one subject area of the NCLEX. You can choose from any of the 8 major sections of the NCLEX:

  • Management of care
  • Safety and infection control
  • Health promotion and maintenance
  • Psychosocial integrity
  • Basic care and comfort
  • Parenteral therapies
  • Reduction of risk potential
  • Physiological adaptation

Of course if you going for LPN you would have "Coordinated Care" instead of "Management of Care".

Which class should I take?

Taking a class in a specific NCLEX topic can save you time and money as you are only studying what you need. If you need to prep in all topics, it may be better to take the complete NCLEX course. That's because it's only $199 instead of $312 if all 8 topics are taken separately.

Another benefit to the complete course is that you also get access to practice exams, with assessment on how you did. However, you may still choose to take each topic separately, as that will allow you to review them at your own pace, instead of having to go through everything in 4 weeks.

Class Schedule for Online Classes

Varsity Tutors generally begins new online classes about once or twice a week. In the holiday season it can be slower though.

NCLEX Crash Course

Cost: $199

Duration: 4 days

This prep course, known as the Weekend Prep Bootcamp, covers all areas of the NCLEX in a short amount of time. It's similar to their complete NCLEX prep class just in a much smaller timeframe - one weekend instead of one month.

NCLEX Course for Repeat Test Takers

Cost: $199

Duration: 4 weeks

For students who've failed the NCLEX, Varsity Tutors has a special prep course just for them. This class will focus on the topics and questions types that you had trouble with on the exam, to make sure you are better prepared next time.

Class Schedule for Repeat Testers

Varsity Tutors generally begins new online classes for repeat test-takers about once a week. In the holiday season there may be fewer classes.

Varsity Tutors offers

Free Consultation

The initial consultation is absolutely free with no obligation.

Unlimited Courses Subscription Option

Varsity Tutors offers tutoring and classes in many subjects. If you are interested in studying for NCLEX and learning other subjects as well, you can sign up for a subscription here. This gives you and your whole family unlimited access to their many courses and classes for one price!

Each plan comes with a certain number of private tutoring hours you can use per month. If you end up needing more tutoring hours per month, you can always purchase additional tutoring sessions.

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