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Writing for EasyNCLEX.com will give you free exposure in your target market. Most of our readers are looking to become nurses. Our aim is to provide high quality blog posts and articles to help students pass the nursing boards (NCLEX exam) and excel in the field. If you have knowledge that's useful to a nursing student or entry-level nurse, please contact us.

Nursing Students are welcome! You don't need to be a certified nurse to blog for us. You can blog about your experiences in nursing school and preparing for the NCLEX.

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  • Your posts will be featured on our homepage.
  • Publicity for you - we currently get around 15,000 pageviews per month!
  • You can promote yourself by placing your bio in the posts.
  • If you are into medical, education, or career-related writing, you can use this to build your portfolio.
  • Get links to your blog, website, Facebook page, Twitter, or anywhere else.
  • Exposure and traffic from our website, as well as from Search Engine rankings
  • It's an easy way to help others by sharing your knowledge.

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